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& Nidra

Evening Session

at Lilla Yogastudion


AUGUST v.34- DECEMBER v.50  


Fridays every two weeks 19.00-21.00 

restorative yoga lillayogastudion organicpauyoga

Held by bolsters, blocks and blankets, this class  invites us to deep rest,  support and ground through long and soft passive poses.

Eight different sessions to dive through the panchamaya kosha and chakra systems. As we transition from summer to winter, each session  explores how we experience and process the seasonal energies into our subtle body system. Which blockages we hold onto and how to release. 

The pass finishes with a very special Savasana. A deep guided yoga Nidra relaxation that will take us into deep consciousness states to rest, heal and let go as we enjoy the vibration of the gong and the tibetan bowls.


Focusing on creating an integral, wide sensation of peace and rest meet this space to let go off stress, tensions and enjoy the soothing effects of yoga physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Course program

Session 1. Late summer gathering

Rajas and Tamas: dynamism and inertia. 

The journey into Sattva and inner balance. 


Session 2. Early autumn colors. 

Mulhadara: Home.

Grounding and trusting.

Session 3. Autumn waters.

Swadhisthana: Transformation.

Connecting with our inner passions and deep longings.  

Session 4. Fire Equinox

Manipura: Willpower and self-worth.

Visualizing the journey and our empowerment.

Session 5. Winds of change

Anahata: Love and compassion.

Letting go and healing.

Session 6. Welcoming darkness

Vishudda: Towards understanding.

Daring to speak our truth and listening other voices.  

Session 7. Winter silence

Ajna: Clear vision and intuition.

Seeing beyond the illusions of perception. 

Session 8. Light 

Sashara: Unity and enlightenment.

Dropping the ego, receiving our perfection and liberating the spirit.

Piggy Bank

 Course runs  every two weeks from week 34 to week 50 (8 classes)

Total cost 2150kr

For info about payment options please contact

*Drop ins open from August 16  (courses fill up fast at the studio and those who booked a course have spot priority. If you book drop ins instead be aware you are not guaranteed a spot in class. "May the odds be with you")


Vasavägen 13, Linköping

Limited spots. max 10 participants

Bookings info:

Contact with the teacher: /

For more information about the course and bookings  go to


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Love and light,


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